At QO, we power the extraordinary! By harnessing nature's endurance ingredients, inspired by legendary Tarahumara runners, our powders and cookies are free from unpronounceable preservatives or artificial sweeteners; just pure whole-food ingredients for real pick-me-up.


Our mission is clear: to arm you with the power of clean fuel, enabling you to reach your full potential.

With fifteen years of experience in endurance sports, we’ve seen firsthand just how much misinformation there is out there about health & nutrition.

Whether you’re trying to up your game for everyday living, or training for the ultimate race, QO can fuel your goals.


With today's on-the-go lifestyle, it can feel like an uphill battle to choose nutritious meals. That’s where QO comes in!

Our tasty powder is designed not only to help you power through your workouts and athletic pursuits but also to serve as a convenient, tasty, and nutritious meal.

Forget about all the processed junk food out there loaded with empty calories, unhealthy additives, and too much sugar… And say hello to healthy eating without compromising flavor with QO!


- Honesty – We do our best each and every day to be honest with everyone who crosses our path. We believe in fairness, reliability, and full disclosure—the whole package!

- Persistence – It might feel like swimming against the tide but with dedication and determination, good will triumph!

- Community – We make a point of bringing amazing people together and creating an atmosphere that is open and welcoming to anyone. We don't care who you are or where your journey has taken you - all that matters here is how much fun we can have when our paths cross! From good old-fashioned engagement activities with friends to working collaboratively towards those big dreams, we know it's always more enjoyable with a group of like-minded folks!


Raul is passionate about both health and endurance sports, so it's no surprise that he was inspired to create QO products after taking a sabbatical in 2021.

After running with the Tarahumaras in northern Mexico, he realized there had to be an alternative way of fueling his body for races and everyday life – one free from processed foods and sugar!

This realization led him on a mission to share what he discovered with the world and educating consumers along their journey towards better health through informed decisions.


Calling all go-getters! Here at QO we believe in giving back to the sports & communities that have made us who we are.

We could use a few more motivated individuals like yourself, so why not join our community?

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